Our University in the period from May 8 to June 6, 2013, has visited professor of Northern Illinois University, USA, PhD in Social Science Almagambetova Nailya Abdulhashimovna.

Professor Almagambetova  finished Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute, postgraduate studies in Moscow, taught at the SGMI and KazNMU named after SD Asfendiyarov, Graduate School of Public Health. For 13 years living and working in the United States.

The contingent of students included third-year students and professors — teaching staff. Classes provided for students covered 13 groups (about 120 people) and teachers — trainees.

During the program, students are made ​​familiar with the issues in the following areas: principles and functions of public health, the cost effectiveness of preventive measures, critical health indicators, the state of current U.S. health care system, health insurance, meaning the state of primary health care for the country’s health and the health of the population; comparative analysis of health systems in several countries, the principles of scientific research, the ethical aspects of research related to human factors, design research, design types, their advantages and disadvantages, methods of selection of subjects for research, and other issues.

Sessions with faculty members (13 people) included the analysis of issues such as the requirements to scientific publications in international journals, formatting rules scientific study researches, methods of distance learning in higher education institutions, opportunities and advantage certificate system for in-depth study of certain aspects of the discipline.

Visiting Professor Almagambetova spoke at the Scientific Conference of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov with international participation «The integration of medical education in Kazakhstan in the Bologna process.» Topic: «The possibilities of distance learning in medical education.»

During the stay of visiting professor discussed issues of further cooperation, which include the development of distance learning courses for students (the divisions of Public Health) and teachers (Training Course for creating and teaching distance learning courses), participation in joint research projects (with the participation of the Department of Public Health and Tuberculosis) and joint publications in international scientific journals.