Creative meeting  on the eve of program “Ruhani Zhangyru” for academic K.I. Satbaev

The 22nd of November 2017 on the eve of program “Ruhani Zhangyru” for academic K. Satbaev was provided creative meeting activity which called Kazakhstan scientific encyclopedia, organized by Public Health department and Ethical community.For this event were responsible department Public Health and tutor group, also students of General Medicine and Public Health department students participated. K.I. Satbaev is first academic, scientific researcher, educator of scientific stuffs andorganizer of scientific activity of Kazakhstan.

Goal of the event is explanation investment of Satbaev to the history of Kazakh nation, deepening and expansion of knowledge of students about his activity, formation of basis of world-view, increasing of interest to social phenomena, awakening of patriotic feeling, explanation of human role in society.

At the end of the event adviser of rector Mustafina and head of the department, professor Kamaliev performed with speech.

Attending students were given good estimation for their creation and skillfulness, and excellent students were reworded with certificate’s merit.