Department of Biostatistics and the Basics of Scientific Research

Department of Biostatistics and the Basics of Scientific Research was created in September 2015. Baurzhan Zhussupov is head of the Department. The department includes one assistant professor, two senior teachers, three teachers and one assistant. There are one doctor of philosophy (PhD), onecandidate of physico-mathematical sciences, 2 masters of science among members of the department.

The Department offers several courses including «Biological Statistics», «Higher Mathematics», «Mathematics. Part 1», «Mathematics. Part 2″,» Mathematics for economists»,» Bioethics»,» Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics», «Management of Scientific Research»,»Statistical analysis in health care». The courses are provided based on a credit system. The department teaches first-year students majoring in Pharmacy, and Public Health;first- and second-yearstudents majoring in Technology of pharmaceutical production; third-year students majoring in General Medicine, Medical Prevention, and Nursing; and students participating in a residency program

The team of the Department implements innovative technologies and interactive teaching methods in the educational process. We have received 12 acts of implementation of innovative teaching methods.

Employees of the department are involved in many scientific programs including «Study of distribution and characteristics of sensitivity and resistance of antibiotics to pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora in the Republic of Kazakhstan» performed byKazakh Institute of Microbiology and Virology; «Molecular analysis of genetic defects of beta-cell function and improving the diagnosis of monogenic diabetes in the Kazakh population» performed by Kazakh National Medical University; «Direct and inverse problems for non-classical equations of hyperbolic, parabolic and mixed types with operators of fractional integro-differentiation» performed by Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi etc.

The department promotes scientific research for students by conducting classes at the School of young scientists and for faculty members by conducting seminars organized by the School of pedagogical skills named after Nassybulina.


Head of the Department

Baurzhan Zhusupov earned his Bachelor degree in the Military Engineering Space Institute named after Mozhayskiy in St. Petersburg (Russia), MS in Epidemiology in the School of Public Health at State University of New York at Albany (USA). He worked in local and international organizations including the Center for Study of Public Opinion, the office of the US Centers for Disease Control in Prevention (CDC) in Central Asia, AIDS Foundation East-West, Academy of Preventive Medicine, Columbia University Global Health Research Center in Central Asia, Kazakh Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine. Histopics of ​​interest are socio-medical and epidemiological research, program evaluation and statistics. He has gotnine publications in peer-reviewed journals andhas been actively involved in consultancy. For example, he participated in Interim Evaluation of the State Program for Health Development «Salamatty Kazakhstan».


The staff of the Department of Biostatistics