Educational work

Educational work of the department

Educational work is an important component in the process of training and formation of the student’s personality. Together with the increase of education, educational work contributes to the development of a sense of patriotism, civic responsibility, human value and love for the Motherland. In connection with this, the teaching staff of the department is actively working on issues of the educational process.
Teachers of the Department of Public Health, there are curators, Schools of Public Health. Ch. Dosmukhamedova, with whom conduct a large educational work, as in the course of educational work, as well as in extracurricular time.
Curators jointly with the teaching staff of the department and public organizations through the active group and its students organize public and cultural life in the group, facilitating the formation of a friendly, united team and actively participating in the whole process of preparation.
Educational work is carried out in the form of educational seminars, round tables, thematic debates, talks, meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, sports, labor, activities of science and art, theatrical festivals, joint events, museums, local festivals in the celebration of international and national holidays and others.
The teaching staff of the department is actively involved in the educational work of students.