First Dialogue Forum «Feed and Health»

First in Kazakhstan in city Almaty was conducted  First Dialogue Forum «Feed and Health». A forum is organized by the nutrition department of  KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov and company  DiningSmart at support of Kazakh Academy of Feed, Academy of Prophylactic Medicine and National Center of healthy nutrition. A forum was supported by a company Danone, company FGXpress, General consulate of the USA in Almaty, Almaty Technological University, enterprises of public food consumption  of company DiningSmart, farm of “Ayzere” project Business-mother and others.

A forum consisted of 5 sessions:

1 session: overweight and obesity-problem of modern Kazakhstan                                                                                     2 session: Training of personnel on questions of the healthy eating                                                                                  3 session: Slow Food, vegetarianism, organics, raw food diet — only fashionable trend or key to the health and success?                                                                                                                                                                         4 session: Modern technologies of production of healthy products                                                                                                                   5 session: Social responsibility of companies. What do we eat?

Opening was begun with speech of welcome of the Honored manager by the nutrition department,  President of Kazakh Academy of Feed, National Center of healthy nutrition, SharmanovToregel’diSharmanovich, who accented the attention on innovative approaches of making healthy of nation and prophylaxis of non-communicable diseases by means of creation а new products on the basis of mare’s milk, which have unique properties.

The guests of the First Dialogue Forum accepted active participation in an event, put questions to the speakers, became acquainted with specialists, scientists, suppliers, producers that could give the products to the potential clients.

On questions of training of personnel in area of feed came forward dean of faculty of the «Community health care» BegadilovaTolkynSembayevna, dean of faculty of the «Food productions» of the Аlmaty technological university of TayevaАigulМaratovna.

Manager of nutrition department КaynarbayevaМ.S. and associate professor of department BerdygaliyevА.B. in the lecture «Creation of steady educational environment for the decline of violations of feed» was told about the plans of activity of nutrition department in educational program development on specialty «Dietetics» for higher and middle medical education in RK.

Did third appear debatable session: Slow Food, vegetarianism, organics, raw food diet — only fashionable trend or key to the health and success? On that  themes came into question : «Debatable conceptions of feed», «Realized raw food diet from beginning till the end» and «International motion of Slow Food- to traditions of the healthy eating».  Associate professor of nutrition department of KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov,  Ushanskaya  Y.Y. told about vegetarianism and about their advantages and defects.

There is senior teacher of nutrition department КozhakhmetovaА.N in the own lecture  «Forming of skills of the healthy eating — lighted up one of ways of decision of problems  feed of children of school age» consequences of the improper feeding of schoolchildren. Presented the program  on organization of school feed due to budgetary facilities in general schools Almaty, for the children of 1-4 classes.

A forum became a debatable ground, and there gathered on scientists, doctors, cooks, farmers, companies-producers of products, representatives of universities, students, parents, and also all those who divides necessity of correct feed and those who cares of the health.