«Healthy nutrition — guarantee of health»

 «Healthy nutrition — guarantee of health»

On 12th of February,2014 due to the 20th anniversary of the chair of nutritiology there was a competition named «Healthy nutrition — guarantee of health» in which participated fourth course students of a public health faculty. The purpose of competition was to develop cognitive,communicative,legal and practical skills of students.

4teams participated in competition: 001-1к, 001-2к, 002-1к.

  1. «Нұрлы сүт» team- A.Dikhanbayev, G.Ziyadan, Zh.Bazet., A.Tolegen, A.Almuhanova;
  2. » Соғым басы» team – B.Narbasova , G.Kassymova ,A.Mussa, D.Seyduan, A.Kozhan;
  3. «Майлы балық» team – M.Nelson, A.Shongerbayeva, A.Alish, G.Sarsenbek, G.Shamganova.

Special guests- pupils of grade 6-8, Almaty’s «Young Naturalists» station’s members with the principal N.Salimbayeva were invited to competition.

Teams showed commercials and scenes about dairy,meat and fish products, they carried out the master- classes on preparation of healthy and available meals from listed products in compliance to their motto.There was a performance of audience between competitions. Results of competition were estimated by jury including head of the department Kaynarbayeva M.S., Sukenova D.A.who is responsible for the training process, biologist Salimbayeva N. All teams showed good preparation.They approached creatively each competition , composed verses and managed to inform to the audience advantage and quality of products. Especially the «Майлы балық» team showed communicative abilities, the «Соғым басы» team showed feature of culture and educational value of a delivery of Kazakhs in their sketch. The team «Нұрлы сүт» informed useful tips to consumers with the help of role- playing game , thereby teams proved that they can be good specialists of our state. Pupils who watched competition, shared the impressions and noticed that topical issues were raised during the competition. Following the results of competition the «Соғым басы» team gained high point and became the winner. All participants and winners received gifts, letters of thanks for the active participation in action devoted to 20 anniversary of chair of a nutritiology.