«Hospital epidemiology»

16.09.2013-27.09.2013 a master class of viziting-professor Kolosovskaya Elena Nikolaevna — MD, the professor of infectious diseases, epidemiology and a dermatovenerology of St. Petersburg State University, medical faculty, the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg on a subject:  «Hospital epidemiology» took place in KazNMU of S.D. Asfendiyarov.

Basic questions of epidemiology and prevention of nosocomial infections were presented in the training program on the basis data of evidence-based medicine — the principles of the organization of epidemiological supervision, microbiological monitoring on the basis of the WHONET program, the main skills of the organization of work on prevention of nosocomial infections in hospitals, reanimation departments.

On a master class more than 80 listeners, including target group 4 course of Public Health faculty, and also 3 courses bachelors of General Medicine faculty, 4 and 5 courses of Public Health faculty, undergraduates of Medicine and Medical-prophylactic faculties, interns of 6 and 7 courses, specialists in infectious control from research institutes, the medical centers, Sanitarian and Epidemiological surveillances   (The central clinical hospital of medical control center of affairs of the president, the National center of problems of tuberculosis, the Scientific and practical center of sanitarian and epidemiological examination and monitoring, Scientific center of obstetrics and gynecology, Scientific Surgical Center named after Syzganov, scientific research institute of eye diseases, Hospital of medical emergency care, Municipal clinical polyclinic, Committee of National security, Saniterian Epidemiological surveillance department of Almaty region, Medical center “SauZhardem”, “Avrora”, epidemiologists of Saniterian Epidemiological surveillance department of Almaty city were trained.

Certificates of the participant, and also special prepared SD-disks with information materials about nosocomial infections  were solemnly handed over to listeners of a master class.