Information about the round table dedicated to the State Symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic: «The State Symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

On March 7, 2017, No. 11 of the audience, 12.00 to 13.00, the Department of Occupational Health and Hygiene with a course of communal hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents, held a round table at the level of the Public Health Department The round table was organized by the students of the 5th course, specialties in the preventive medicine and public health.

The round table was attended by teachers: head of the department, prof. Toguzbaeva K.K., prof. Bekbosynov T.K., assistant professors: Arynova G.A., Niyazbekova L.S., Elgondina G.B., Bekkazinova D.B., Tekmanova A.K., teacher Aytambaeva L.N.anddeputy dean of the faculty of Public Health, preventive medicine, Nursing and Management, Associate Professor — Uvazhanova A.S.

The main goal of the round table is to foster students’ sense of patriotism, acquaintance with the history of the State Symbol of Kazakhstan, the contribution of young people in accordance with the national strategy of Kazakhstan. During the round table a presentation was held in the form of a video clip, a report and a quiz on the topic:»Мемлекеттік рәміздер-ұлт мақтанышы».

A concert number was presenting, «the State Symbol of Kazakhstan»poems were also reading, and«Көк тудың желбірегені» choral song wasperforming.

In conclusion, the deputy dean of the faculty, associate professor Uvazhanova A.S. made a speech with the words: «For the prosperity of our country, young people should learn well and invest their knowledge in the future of our country.»