Module of «Health and safety basis».

Module of «Health and safety basis».

The main objective of training — preparation of graduates of KazNMU for practical performance of functional duties on rendering of medical care to the struck population in emergency situations of peace and wartime.

The special attention is given to formation of thinking of the doctor working in the conditions of emergency. The module teaches discipline of «health and safety basis» to students 1-3 courses on all faculties and specialties.

The course began to be taught for the first time in January, 1940 as a part of disciplines of military chair, at her first chief, the medical officer of the 3rd rank, assistant professor Chudinov Vitali Vasilyevich.

Originally the course was called «Local antiaircraft defense».

In 1964 the course began to be called as «A health service of civil defense». In 1988, in connection with reorganization of Civil defense, discipline became an independent course, under the name «The organization of emergency medical care in emergency situations», his first manager was appointed assistant professor Shchurin Victor Alekseevich who long time directed course work.


Shchurin Victor Alekseevich, doctor-hygienist, epidemiologist of the first category, candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor, organizer of the higher school and health care.

In 1963 graduated from sanitary-and-hygienic faculty of ASMI. He was directed on work in Ural sanitary station of the Kazakh railway where worked till April, 1965, then in road sanitary inspection of the Kazakh railway as the epidemiologist, the chief physician. From 1974 to 1979 — the instructor of department of a science and the KP Central Committees educational institutions of Kazakhstan. From 1979 to 1983 — the head of department on Kazsovprof’s state social insurance. In 1983 it was elected the secretary of republican committee of trade union of medical workers. In 1984 defended the master’s dissertation on a subject «Forecasting of a sanitary-and-hygienic condition of the Irtysh River within Kazakh the Soviet Socialist Republic».

In 1985 it was transferred to teaching work in AGMI. From 1986 to 1993 worked as the dean of sanitary-and-hygienic faculty of KazSMU S. D. Asfendiyarov. From 1989 to 2013 managed a course «The organization of emergency medical care in an emergency».

Published a set of scientific articles, including 3 methodical recommendations for doctors of a sanitary-and-hygienic profile and one manual for epidemiologists in a co-authorship. Participated in development of the program of institute of improvement of doctors at the rate of health and safety.

Shchurin V.A. was Kazsovprof’s member, Presidium of republican committee of trade union of medical workers, the Member of UMS to KazSMA, the chairman of MS of sanitary-and-hygienic faculty.

Shchurin V.A. is awarded by a badge «Excellent pupil of health care of MH USSR», diplomas of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, MH KazSSR, KazNMU.

Since 2003 the course is renamed and began to be called «Health and safety bases», and since October, 2006 is deduced from structure of military chair in connection with change of regular structure by the last, and entered into structure of chair of epidemiology.

In 2012 the course was renamed into the module, and since 2013 the module manages assistant professor Zikriyarova S. M.


Zikriyarova Sanam Makhsutzhanovna, assistant professor. In 1991 graduated from Karaganda state medical university, sanitary-and-hygienic faculty with honors. After that it was invited in Almaty state medical institute to pharmacology chair as the trainee-teacher. From 1992 to 2000 worked at epidemiology chair as the teacher.

In 2006 on a subject «Improvement of epidemiological supervision at earthquakes» (specialty epidemiology — 14.00.30.) successfully defended the master’s dissertation.

Since 2013, after successful passing of certification, is the module lead of «health and safety basis».

Zikriyarova S. M. has a set of scientific works and publications. Under its management on the module the newest interactive methods of education successfully are developed and take root. In educational process the various equipment and devices, means of medical protection, subjects of organic equipment of stages of medical evacuation, multimedia tutorials is widely used. Also on the module research work of students and educational work is carried out.


The module of «health and safety basis» makes the modest contribution to formation of future highly-skilled medical personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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