«Mustafa Shokai — The eyes of an artist» according to the program

08.04.2016year. on the Epidemiology Department of curatorial hour was spent «Mustafa Shokai  — The  eyes of an artist» according to the program.

Present organizers associate professor of  the department of  epidemiology Dauletbakova A.M., lecturer in occupational health Tөleu E .,Kulman Zh. A lecturers, department of  epidemiology Kusainova A.Z., Beysinbinova J.B., assistant professor Iskakova F.A., as well as participants of the course, students 3 OZ and MPD. There were presentations, performances of students in Kazakh, Russian, English, German, poems in the author’s performance, a term in the student’s performance Course 5 MPD Zhasuzakov M., a songs, prepared stands, posters.