Native law my Greatness

Native law my Greatness
27 of August 2013 y. under the guidance of the tutor Adilova M.T. Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Department of General hygiene and ecology» held «tutor hour»: «Native law my Greatness» with participation of students of a 3-course GH.
The basic law of the Republic of Kazakhstan has become a valuable platform designed for the long term. Over the years, our Constitution has proved its vitality and capacity, became the basis for the solution of socio-economic problems, to guarantee political stability, interethnic and interreligious harmony.
In the framework of the round table, the students discussed the historical role of the Constitution in the formation and development of sovereign Kazakhstan and the main achievements of the independent state during the years of constitutional development, and considered the importance of the Basic law of the country in the implementation of strategic goals.
On the basis of the Constitution is being implemented social modernization, because the Basic law is a living mechanism, the structures of which society draws legal social innovation, adequate modern challenge.
The Constitution is the Supreme law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which reflects the will of the people, his desire to approve the country as a democratic, secular, legal and social state whose highest values are an individual, his life, rights and freedoms.