Student event: “Say NO to corruption!”

On 21 of September Department of Public Health was holding a student event:”Say NO to corruption!”, which was dedicated to important problems in fighting corruption, major ways of governmental anticorruption politics and ways to improve fight with it in our country as a whole and Kazakh National Medical university in particular.

In interesting report “Corruption is a disease of a century” students of group 316, PM(Public Medicine faculty) Azat Zhukin, Akbota Auesbekova, Zhansaya Nuralikizi told us about the condition and results of anticorruption war in Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the report of students from group 332-2, PM Dana Husnullina, Nurbolat Dilmanov, Amina Zhaksigulova and Gulzhazira Erezhepova “Modern condition of corruption problem” was revealed the content of anticorruption legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan and the experience of other counties that achieved certain success in this direction was shown.

Pretty interesting for majority of auditory was the report of Nail Niyazov, group 332-1, PM “Corruption in US” about types and ways of fighting corruption in USA.

Head of Public Health Department, professor М. Kamaliev said that corruption is one of the most dangerous and negative social phenomena, that leads to destroying bases of government, rule of law and moral-ethical standards.

Students were asked to fight corruption actively, using all condition that are present in university.