Subject Olympiad of senior courses of «Healthy food-healthy nation»

              On 14 October at the Arena of KazNMU named after D.Asfendiyarov Department of nutrition conducted a subject Olympiad «Healthy food-healthy nation» dedicated to the celebration of the 85th anniversary of KazNMU named after D.Asfendiyarov and the 85th anniversary of academician ToregeldySharmanov, the 20th anniversary of the Department of nutrition.

The competition was attended by 3 teams of faculty «Public health» 4 of course: H2O, Essential,  «Densaulykkhabarshysy».

            The jury members were invited Advisor to the rector Mustafina J. G., Dean of the Institute of Public health Begadilova T. S., head of Department of nutrition Kalabaeva M. S., artistic Director of the Department of education Absattarova S. A., senior lecturer of the Department of nutrition Kozhakhmetova A. N.

            Olympics began with a greeting and advertisement of each team, where students briefly formed a mission team, concisely expressing key values in nutrition. The jury appreciated the originality, creativity and correspondence to the name.

            The second contest was the demonstration scenes on the theme: «Promoting the principles of healthy eating and avoiding harmful food habits.» The jury evaluated the improvement of practical and communication skills. All the team reacted to this competition with great enthusiasm, each team showed great acting skills, and most importantly, it was shown to the audience how important it is to eat right.

           The captain’s competition showed the level of knowledge, communication and leadership skills of captains.

And according to the model of medical education of the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov: As the main directions of development of the program of training three languages in KazNMU for 2014-2020 years questions were asked in three languages. The answer was a captain in the language in which it was asked.

Assess the level of theoretical knowledge helped the team competition «Who is faster?». The teams were given puzzles of the studied material, and the jury assessed as the correct answer  and spent time on it.

The next competition, «Master Class», shows a responsible attitude, organization, activity and improvement of skills in the team.  In this competition the team for 10 minutes were required to demonstrate the technique of preparing certain dishes as the basic products were taken fruit. Team showed their creativity and a lot of ideas, using the fruit. Teams showed not only cooking techniques, but also the right approach and using of sanitary rules.

Participants supported by the musical performances of their fans. Flashmob, songs, dances, chants, active assistance to teams were the factor of success.

According to the results of all the competitions I place was taken by the team «Essential» Russian department  of 4 course of «medical and prophylactic business»specialty, II place was awarded to the team of Kazakh department  «DensaulykKhabarshysy» and III place was taken by the team «H2O» specialty «Public Health».

Despite the rainy weather and the cold snap, the students could create a festive atmosphere and get a lot of bright positive emotions.