The action devoted to the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Faculty members of the «HIV — an Infection and Infectious Control» Division along with the Almaty AIDS Center, non-governmental organizations «Trust plus», Society of Red Crescent of RK and AIDS Fund “ East – West” on May 11th 2016 held an  action for 4th (General Medicine) and 6th (Ob-Gyn) year  medical  students.

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is celebrated in 115 countries in the world since 1983. The 2016 year theme is «Engage, Educate, Empower».

Participants of the action  have attached red tapes in solidarity with the people affected by HIV epidemic. Anonymous express testing for HIV was available for students

Medical Students, PLWHA made presentations to break down barriers of stigma and discrimination and  to develop interventions for global solidary. At the square in front of the AIDS Center students unfold the Quilt devoted  to people died of AIDS in Almaty. After a moment of silence, red and white balloons were started in the sky. Within the action a competition of  the posters prepared by students and PLHIV was held. Winners of a competition were awarded prizes.

The action was aimed at raising awareness and remembering  people lost to AIDS and development of  tolerant attitude to PLHIV in society.