The event under the «Relay of good deeds»

January 6, 2014 employees of the Department of Public Health, along with curatorial team of the 5th year of the Faculty of Public Health to implement educational policy and program of  «Relay of good deeds» lectured in high school number 74 Turksibski district.

Topics of lectures prepared by the school administration request:
1) «Personal hygiene and compliance with its rules» — lecturers: 502-1 students group and curator, lecturer Abiyrova NB Pupils were introduced to the concepts of «personal care» and «individual health», the connection between them, means and methods of personal hygiene.

2) » Problems of Tuberculosis » — lecturers : 503-2 students group and curator , senior lecturer Abdrazakova SU Pupils listened to information about illness of tuberculosis in Kazakhstan , the factors of the disease, the clinical picture of the disease, prevention measures .
3) «Preventing teen pregnancy » — lecturers : 501-1 students group and curator , senior lecturer Darmen NJ Pupils were informed about the consequences of unwanted teenage pregnancies , abortion, received significant and very useful information about ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The lectures were attended 60 students of 8th and 9th grade.
At the end of each lesson, students showed themed movies and lecturers answered the questions of the pupils.
In conclusion, in order to assess the quality of the lectures conducted an anonymous survey among schoolchildren.
On behalf of the school administration director Altynova MS expressed his gratitude for the work done.