The report on carrying out with students of the anti-corruption action on the subject: «KazNMU and corruption are incompatible!»

According to the actions plan on social and educational work of KAZNMU of S. D. Asfendiyarov for 2016-2017 academic year, with participation of the adviser to the rector, chairman of Ethical Council of the prof. Zh. G. Mustafina, deputy dean for educational work of faculty «OZ, MPD, SD and management, PhDs in Medicine. A. S. Uvazhanova held the meeting devoted to implementation of anti-corruption policy with students of specialty of «public health care».

The action is organized by department of public health care in October 26, 2016 which purpose was increase in civil consciousness, legal literacy and forming of anti-corruption outlook.

The prof. Zh. G. Mustafin began the performance with words: «Corruption as the moral and social evil is a threat of a homeland security and democracy in the country». The younger generation seriously shall be the concerned growth of corruption offenses in the country. We see fall spiritual and moral and moral ethical principles of modern society. The youth shall react sharply to global changes to show a pragmatism against the background of fall of altruistic and patriotic motivation.

In the introductory text, the adviser to the rector, gave examples more than once, the corruption phenomena which, unfortunately, take place in our society. An appeal of each member of society, especially student’s youth it is active to resist to this negative phenomenon – CORRUPTION, sounded in each sound of her speech.

During the action, by means of dialogue with student’s audience, communicated: what steps they would take concerning suppression of corruption attempts. The youth expressed the civic stand concerning corruption as follows: «Achievement of high professional competitiveness in which the high culture and intellectual potential of youth, corruption only – a hindrance are necessary.

With the report the senior curator of department of general hygiene and ecology, associate professor G. A. Begimbetova talked about the topic «Course of Implementation of Anti-corruption Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan». In this message the main key directions of strategy which is undertaken by the President of Kazakhstan for the purpose of further implementation of anti-corruption policy of the state for 2015 — 2025 are stated.

Also, in a conversation with students, directed to resist to corruption, associate professors of public health care of Aytmanbetova A. A. participated.,KozhekenovaZh. A., Talkimbayeva N. A., the director of studies of department Darmen N. Zh. The manifestations and consequences of corruption actions and methods of their elimination are analysed and discussed. Provisions of the new law «Anti-corruption in RK» are explained that in turn, were deeply welcomed by student’s youth.