Vaccination: Pros and Cons


The planned event on students morale building “Vaccination: Pros and Cons” washeld04.11.2015 inanauditoriumN6 namedbyIK.KarakulovbystaffofEpidemiologyandInfectiousdiseasesDepartmentsinRussianandKazakhlanguages.ThefacilitatorsofitSA.Amireev, MD., prof., senior teacher GS.Maksutova, assistant Z.Zakan, MPH (Epidemiology Department).  Fourgradestudents (402-02 kaz, PHF) and 5 grade (502-02kaz.,МCF;  503-01 kaz., МCF) took part in a dispute.

Thefacilitators: thehead of InfectiousdiseasesDepartment, MD, prof. AK.Duysenova and staff – PhD,,AM.Sadikova, NK.Ospanbekova. Two groups of 6 grades, interns took part in the dispute.

Itwasthedispute.  “We areforvaccination» thestudentsacted, “Weareagainst” internsacted.A speakerwastheinternof 6thgrade. The speaker sad about condition of the dispute. Theywere: each group «FOR vaccination!» and «Against vaccination!» was allocated to each time of 3 minutes to speak. Theyshouldgivespeechby turn. The participants asked some questions to opponents, which answered in 3 min. Afterthedisputeparticipantswereawardedbyprizes.

            In addition, audience students asked a variety of questions and expressed their opinions to vaccination.