The 9th May – the Memorial Day is about the annual World War II and the courage of our compatriots, who brought the victory to our country. It is a day when we especially remember our grandparents, mothers and fathers, and some of us great-grandparents. Understand and remember ….. This is a small part of the debt that we can give to that generation.

Epidemiology Department KazNMU’ professor, PhD, DMs. AG.Nazhmedenova about her father

Now is spring. It is an end of April 2015. The sky is blue. There are fruit trees and flowers are blossomed in Almaty. Soon will be 9 th May — the day sacred to millions of people from countries of the former Soviet Union. This year we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over fascism. The heart is filled with pride, that the generation of our fathers and grandfathers won this peaceful heaven for us in those distant dashing 1941-1945. One of them was my father — Gabdresh Utegulovich Utegulov, was born in 1915. In 1941, one of the first he was called up to army at the beginning of the war. He was trained on the machine-gunner in Sterlitamak military school.

As a luff my father commanded by a platoon, and immediately joined in the Stalingrad battle. 15 of his relatives attended to the Battle of Stalingrad, they were brother, cousins and second cousins. Only my father from them survived in that War. He fought until 1944, and took part in the liberation of Belarus. He shot down an enemy spy plane from his gun-machine, and was awarded the Red Star order. In the district of Minsk in 1944, he was wounded in the shoulder and operated in a field hospital without a medication. As the result of the operation on removing his shattered scapula, my father had got a second group of disability of WWII of veterans. Returning to home after the War, he continued to work at a district and Regional Committee of the Communist Party in West Kazakhstan region. My father raised six sons and two daughters. Hel helped to get a higher education, get married his children. He was a happy grandfather of 23 grandchildren. My father and mother celebrated their golden wedding. My mom, Marian Utegulova is a participant of labor front, after that she as a teacher of primary school has made an enormous impact to the education of regional youth and own children. My father repeatedly met with brother-soldiers and traveled to Minsk and Moscow, the past battle’s field.

My father met the 50th anniversary of the WW II in 1995 with his large happy family. In that year he received an honorary diploma and congratulations from Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was the last celebration of the victory that marked my father. The memory of my legendary father is living in the hearts of his children, grandchildren and relatives.

We are grateful to our parents for life, love, upbringing of and education. They took part in that cruel war for that we live in a happy peaceful sovereign Kazakhstan under a blue sky.

My great-grandfather is the heroes of the WW II!  Memories of Anastasia Orlova, the student of Medical-prophylaxis faculty.


The 9 th Мay, the Victory day is related with memories about my greatgrandfather in our family. As my grandfather told …my great-grandfather, Hanif Kamayevich Asulgareev was born in 1904. He worked in mines after he graduated military school and took part in two wars, the Soviet -Finnish war (1939-1940) and the WW II.  He was awarded by many military medals and orders, but I remember only the Red Star order. He came to Almaty on a rest in 1943, because his family was evacuated from Riga, and presented a pocket of army biscuits. He knew that his family was starved. After he went to Moscow for distribution to the front. My great-grandfather declined an offer to continue education in the military academy, because we want to fight in the battle against fascists. He said that «The Academy is after winning in the war.» But  my grandfather died under Vitebsk (Belorussia) in 9.02.1944 as a lieutenant colonel and a deputy division commander. My heroic greatgrandfather was buried in a mass grave near the Sailors village. Since childhood, I have never tired of listening about my great-grandfather.

And I want that all people of our country remember about winners of the WW II, soldiers and general, who fought for us, our happy peaceful life. And I want that they remember about my great-grandfather – Hanif Kamayevich Asulgareev.

The Head :                                                                  Саттаров А.И.

prof, MDs.

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