As part of the academic mobility of teachers and students

As part of the academic mobility of teachers and students, I was invited to Semey State Medical University (letter of invitation from 12.05.2014 № 07-191 g) for practical training, IW of students with teacher and IW of students  for the period 19-30 May 2014.
Students of Semey State Medical University learn by the linear system of training (15 weeks), that is why, appear some difficulties in organization of the planned work elective cycle «Integrated Assessment of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

In this period, the department held training and work experience was taught 11students who study in 5th course of 506th group  of the Faculty «Public Health» as an organizer of public health. They were alternating practice 5 days at the Department of «Public Health and Informatics » and 5 days on the basis of the Medical Center of Semey State Medical University from 8.00-13.00hrs Elective subjects, respectively held in the afternoon.

Practical exercises, IW of students with teacher and IW of students conducted according to the approved thematic plan. The volume of training hours / credits amounted to 90 hours (2 credits ), including practical training — 30 hours, IW of students with teacher — 14 h , IW of students — 46 hrs At the practical training were widely covered topics on the current state of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan , on the state of the natural movement of the population on levels and trends of morbidity, the prevalence of primary disease, disability, age and sex, occupational and regional peculiarities of public health, about the basics of health and social prevention of major diseases.

Students were provided with materials statistics both Kazakh and foreign sites where they learned to analyze information on the health status of the population , evaluate and interpret the results of statistical analysis of health , assess the direction and extent of the impact factors on health, identify the major causal relationships and apply health statistical methods for studying health of population.

All the Department » Public Health and Informatics» equipped with multimedia equipment ( used as a screen plasma TVs diagonal 102 cm) and access to the Internet, which allowed unhindered to teach students to work in the «online» and «offline» mode with the European database » health for all » European Regional Office of the World Health Organization ( HFA-DB).

Monitoring students’ knowledge assessed at oral survey conducted written control, testing, tested solution case studies and evaluated the protection of essays, reports and presentations.

In the classroom also were attended teachers of the department.
The work of Semey Medical University with the department staff were warm ,friendly relations and exchanged experiences on various issues of educational activities, scientific, educational work and other issues.

In conclusion of the program hospitable rector for instructional and educational work Zhunusova A.B and the quality of continuing education Bayldinova K.ZH, despite his busy schedule , heard a report on the work done and discussed further cooperation.

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