Department of Economics in Public Healthcare

             Module of Economics in Healthcare was organized on the base of chair of History Kazakhstan, culture and economic theory and since 2007 works as an independent module of faculty ‘Management in Healthcare and pharmacy’. The first head of the chair was docent, candidate of economic sciences Alshynbai Ainur Mukhtarovna. Since 2009 the chair was being headed by candidate of economic sciences Sadyrov Gani Aueskhanovich – specialist of high qualification, pedagogical activity of whom composes more than 10 years. In 2011 chair of economy in Healthcare became the course attached to the chair of Politics and management of healthcare. From the beginning 2012-2013 academic year it became module of Economy in Healthcare. The teaching staff of module includes 3 candidates of economic sciences, 3 senior lecturers and 4 teachers.

The aim of the chair of “Economics in Healthcare” is the realization of educational – professional programs on economic discipline, directed to the formation6 development and professional consolidation of a personality on the base of attainments of science and practice.

For the realization of applied aim the chair of “Economics in Healthcare” applies following purposes:

  • Training of qualified specialists with high education on the base of a study of inquiry and expectation of a consumer, according to dynamic changing necessity of educational services market and labour-market;
  • Advancement of qualification and initiative of teachers staff and employee of the chair through education, motivation, graded labour estimation;
  • Continues improvement of quality of teaching – methodological, material – technical and informational maintenance of an educational process;
  • Implantation innovative technology of education with the usage of new methods and attainments on priority direction of economics in healthcare;
  • Perfection of management system on the base of modern methods of a management;
  • Development of cooperative culture of quality and providing with responsibility of each employee for the quality of rented services.

Module successfully trains bachelors and masters for Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Taking into account the demands of the labor market, the module provides the capability of taking second speciality on the basis of an existing higher education and further education on the basis of secondary education.

Leading teachers of a module of economics in healthcare docent G.A. Sadyrov and senior teacher D. Sh. Zamanbekov in frames of advancement of qualification won a contest on the program Bolashak   and passing  Scientific probation in the Great Britain. This increases the  scientific potential of a teacher staff of the Module.