Department of the Nutrition in honor of the first of May held an event devoted to the celebration — “Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day” ( 29th of April)

Kazakhstan is a multinational country with over 150 nationalities and nations. Second year students on «General Medicine» course of Kazakh and Russian departments group — 004, 005, 006, 036, 048 and students of foreign faculty participated in the event. The event was in three languages.

The celebratory began with introductionary words: «We all were born in this gorgeous country and speak different languages. And that’s because Kazakhstan is a multinational country. Kazakhstan is well known for it is tolerance. Policies of our government are aimed at reinforcing equality of rights of our citizens. And today we are going to visit representatives of different nationalities, we will get to know with art, customs and culture of nations that live in Kazakhstan.

The first, our students from India got started with Indian national dance where every motion has it is own meaning. Other groups presented national dances: Russian, Uyghur, Uzbek and Kazakh. They performed by singing and dancing dressed in traditional suits. Trying to show national attributes of every nationality. Especially Russian dance “Kalinka” was memorable as well group that represented Kazakh nationality. They demonstrated on old Kazakh custom called “Kyz uzatu” which is girl marriage related.

Beside national dances, students of all the groups showed modern dynamic performance of musical dancing called Flash mob,

After the performance the leadings hold quiz about our strong and friendly country. For example : “ Akyn competition” , “ National house of Kazakh” , “What shanitak symbolize” and so on. During the quiz students showed their involvement as they knew many things about their country.

The brightest part of the event was exhibition of multicultural dishes and acknowledgement with elements of national meals preparation. Russian showed traditional loaf- salt and bread, Uyghur surprised everyone with lagman, but Uzbeks prepared national oriental pilaf and Kazakh had meet and baursaks which they always famous about.

At the end students could share national food and recipes with each other. After our students could make the present to their homeland. The representatives of all ethnic groups wrote their wishes on one big poster. There wrote such a  Dostyk, baқyt, beybіtshіlіk, prosperity, love, global recognition, wealth, kindness, Dostluk, Mahabbat, and many others.

This event was a reflection of the honor, friendship, kindness, peace and solidarity of our students.