Implementation of anti-corruption activities at the Faculty of «Public Health»

According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan  the strategy of 2015-2025 to combat corruption, the event was held at the Faculty of Public Health.

In the Auditorium named after K.I. Karakulov at 11/23/16 the anti-corruption event held on the theme «Our choice — a future without CORUPTION». The event was organized by the departments — general hygiene and ecology, epidemiology and international health (responsible persons: A.I. Anambayeva, Zh.B. Beysenbinova, M. Serikuly).

The event began with the welcome speech of the Deputy Dean for educational work Uvazhanova A.S. Further, the right to speak first in front of the students were transferred Adviser rector for educational work, honored doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mustafina Zh.G., then the representative of the party Nur Otan Kulmanbetov I.A. and Deputy Chief for work with students Bayzakhanov A.A. Students of faculties of general medicine and public health have surprised visitors with comprehensive talent and art. Students of the department that have been involved in the event — general hygiene and ecology, epidemiology and international health. Participated students of specialty «Public Health» and «General Medicine», which is 1,3,4 courses.

In conclusion, all the participants were given certificates, and the guests thanked the organizers for the event.