Meeting with the first graduates of the specialty «Nurse business»

 On October 10, 2014 on department of public health care the class reunion of a bachelor degree of specialty of «Nurse business» of 2011 with future graduates students 4 courses took place.

Head of the department, professor Kamaliyev M. A., opening a meeting, he told: «Students, you often ask questions about your employment, career, prospect. In order that answers were reasoned, we invited our graduates who became already rather successful people who take a certain place and have the status in society. Get acquainted: Ashirbekova Akzharkyn Kurbanbekovna – the chief nurse of policlinic No. 17 of the city of Almaty; Pavlova Anastasia Petrovna – the teacher of «Policy and Management of Health Care» chair, the chairman the COP in «Nurse business»; Kasiyeva Balzhan Serikbayevna – the undergraduate of the 2nd year of training of the specialty «Nurse business».

During a meeting students asked the questions interesting them concerning their future work, career growth, a salary, etc. Communication took place fruitful and interesting. Students expressed gratitude to chair and guests for the organization of a meeting.