module Medical law and basics of legislation in health care


The module of «Medical law and basics of legislation in health care» is created by the order of the rector №417 from 07.05.2012.

At sources of creation of the module were:

ShayakhmetovSyrymShaymuratovich (from 2012 to 2013);

There passed training according to the Bolashak program in university Ariel in Israel (from 29.10.2012 for 13.10.2013);

AmanbekovofNurmukhambetAmanbekovich (from January 2012 for October 2013);

Since 2013 up to the present times the Head of the module is the doctor of law sciences, IspaevaGulnarBakhytovna.


Mission and purpose of the module.

The mission of the department is the formation of comprehensively developed competitive expert with the high level of scientific knowledge, practical skills, legal competence in area of public health care, policy and health care management having prospects of creation of successful career.

The purpose is to ensure high – quality preparation trained at all stages of medical law system.

 Head of the module



Ispaeva Gulnar Bakhytovna

Graduated from Moscow  state university named by M.V. Lomonosov in 1986.

In 1991 graduated post- graduated in Moscow state university named by M.V. Lomonosov and defended candidate of jurisprudence sciences.

In 1991  got to work in KazGUnamed after al-Farabi at law department.

Academic title of the associate professor was assigned to her in 1998.

In 2009 defendeddoctor of jurisprudence.

List of members of the module of «Medical law and basics of legislation in health care»

Name of job
1 IspayevaGulnarBakhitovna Module lead,

Doctor of  jurisprudence sciences, associate professor

2 Balmukhanov Vladimir Nurinovich Candidates of Medical Science, associate professor
3 Shevchenko GrigoryStepanovich Candidates of Medical Science, associate professor
4 Koshkarbayev Erbolat Erkenovich Senior Lecturer
5 Suleymenova Gulim Hafizovna Senior Lecturer
6 Tulepbergenova Gulmira Murataliyevna Assistant
7 Stoylov Vladimir Vladimirovich Assistant
8 Ilyasov Nurlan Esengeldiyevich Teacher
9 Baytekova Kantkul Zhumabekovna Teacher
10 Kasymgozhin Dastan Tastulekovich Teacher
11 Otarbayeva Ayna Bolatovna Teacher
12 Aidarbekov Batyrkhan Asylkhanovich Teacher
13 Rayeva Akmaral Nurkhanovna Teacher
14 Sarybayeva Nurzhamal Amanbekovna Trainee – teacher
15 Cullman Zhanar Zhanashkyzy Senior laboratory assistant
16 Nurmakhanbetova Makpal Ganiyevna Senior laboratory assistant
17 Kazangap Ulbosyn Serikkyzy laboratory assistant

Since 2013 up to the present times the Head of the module of medical law and basics of  legislation in health care.

Ispaeva G.B. is the author of more than 50 publications, monographs.



The staff module of  «Medical law and basics of legislation in health care»


Scientific directions of the module «Medical law and basics of legislation in health care»:

Use of innovative technologies in training of the medical right.

On the module disciplines of «A right basis» for students of the first, second and third year, «Legal aspects in stomatology» for second-year students as a stomatology are taught,

«The enterprise right» for students of a third year, «The medical right» for students of the fifth year,

Educational process on the «Medical law and Bases of the Legislation in Health Care» module is constantly improved according to the state educational standard.From the moment of entry of KazNMU into Bologna Process on the module the new model of medical education takes root. According to this model, uchebno – methodical complexes on all disciplines are made taking into account the main five competences.

On the module there is 1 computer class. In educational process modern technologies of training and control of knowledge of students are widely used.

Now staff of the module totals 17 employees, from them: 3 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, the 6th teacher, 1 trainee-teacher, 2 assistants, 2 senior laboratory assistants and 1 laboratory assistant, 1 employee has a doctor’s degree, the candidate’s degree has 2 employees, and 8 are masters of sciences. On the module researches in various directions are conducted.

Educational operation of the module «Medical law and basics of  legislation in health care»

Employees of the «Medical law and bases of  legislation in health care» module actively conduct educational work and scientific work of students is supervised.Various events at the level of the module, faculty and university, such as the charity events, competitions and concerts devoted to national holidays are annually held.


When carrying out «Day of Friendship» between students of 1 course, faculty «General medicine» of GM14-055(1,2), GM14-056 (1,2).




Round table on the subject «Fight against corruption» between students of 1-5 courses, faculty «General medicine» of GM10 — 001(1,2), GM10-002 (1,2), GM10-003 (1,2), GM10-005 (1,2), NB14 — 001(2),NB14-002(1).