on the topic «The importance of carbohydrates in human nutrition»

On  23 October, 2014  with  the  parcipance of  students of II year from the specialty  «General Medicine»,  a demo  lesson  was held  on the topic  «The importance of carbohydrates in human nutrition» and it  was  conducted  by   teacher Bakirova Makpal Ayatkulovna. The  teacher of the Department “Oncology”  Amanbekov Nurmahambet Amanbekuly and pedriatician, m.d.Umeshova Kumiskul Abdullakyzy participated to the lesson  as an expert. During the lesson, teacher Bakirova.M.A.could use the methods of creating 5 competences. Students attended very actively. After the lesson , according to the theme students  could improve their knowledge through  making answer-question competitions and doing some puzzles.