Policy and Health Care Management

The departmentof «Policy and Health Care Management» of the Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university is created on July 16, 2009, the Order No. 44.

The first chair ofthe departmentof «Policy and Health Care Management» was doctor of medical sciences, professor, Tulebayev Kazbek Agabylovich.

 Since 2010 and till present the chairthe departmentof «Policy and Health Care Management» is Turdaliyeva Botagoz Saitovna, MD, the associate professor.


Purpose of activity of department

  • Training of the highly qualified, competent specialists in the field of health care, owning modern methods and technologies in health care
  • Integration of education, science and practice
  • Increase of competitiveness of the realized educational services


Main objectives of the department

  • Realization of educational, methodical and scientific work
  • Satisfaction of requirement of society in the qualified, competent experts with the highest education and in the research and educational personnel of the top skills
  • Approbation and introduction of modern technologies, methods and techniques of training
  • Organization and carrying out scientific researches
  • Studying and use of domestic and international experience of personnel training of health care
  • Creation of necessary conditions for receiving the quality education directed to formation of the professional and competent personality
  • Realization of youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KazNMU
  • Development of creative, spiritual and physical capacities of the personality, formation of strong bases of morality and healthy lifestyle
  • Education in trained civic consciousness and patriotism
  • Instilling trained in moral and psychological readiness for work performance in the specialty
  • Development of educational literature and educational and methodical materials
  • Observance of the principles of the Code of honor of the faculty
  • Implementation of the program 3rd lingual training


Functions of department

  • Educational and methodical activity
  • Educational and social activity
  • Research activity
  • Internationalactivity



At the level of a bachelor degree

  • «General medicine»
  • «Pharmacy»
  • «Public health»
  • «Preventive medicine»
  • «Nursing»

Master’s degree

  • 6М110100 — Medicine
  • 6М110200 — Public health
  • 6М110300 — Nursing
  • 6М110400 — Pharmacy
  • 6М110500 — Preventive medicine

PhD doctoral degree

  • 6D110200 — Public health
  • 6D100100 — Medicine
  • 6D100400 — Pharmacy

At department the following research projects have been carried out

  • «Development of model of anti-aging in ensuring active longevity of elderly people» (2010-2011)»
  • Scientifically based approaches to improvement of process of preparation of personnel of an average link in the conditions of university clinic
  • Improvement of nurse business in university clinics of AsfendiyarovKazNMU
  • Methodological approaches to change of behavior of people through studying and increase of literacy of the population in the sphere of health
  • Scientific justification of methodological approaches of adaptation of the international technologies of an assessment of functioning of health system and realization of model of the integrated medical care (on the example of University clinic of Asfendiyarov KazNMU).


Key indicators of efficiency of activity of PPS of department

  • The department»Policy and Health Care Management» is recognized as «The best department» in 2013
  • The manager of the department»Policy and Health Care Management» Turdaliyeva B. S. is recognized as «The best professor» in 2013
  • The manager of the department «Policy and Health Care Management» department Turdaliyeva B. S. is recognized as the winner in the nomination «The Best Professor» in 2014
  • In the nomination «The Best Associate Professor» in 2012-2013 academic year the 2nd place is awarded to the associate professor of the department «Policy and Health Care Management» toAimbetova G. E.
  • Associate professor of the department «Policy and Health Care Management»Abdukayumova U.A. it is recognized as «The best lecturer» in 2011


Thedepartmentactivelyengagedinpublicwork, holds a setofseminarsandroundtablesattheuniversity, republicanandinternationallevel

Annually the staff of department together with the Center of Evidence based medicine, School of public health named afterKh. DosmukhamedovisspentbytheInternationalWinterschoolonthesubject «ActualissuesofPublichealth«.

For master’s students and doctoral candidates, young scientists department together with the Center of Evidence based medicine, School of public health named after Kh. DosmukhamedovcarriesouttheInternationalsummerschoolonthesubject «Selected  issuesofPublichealth«.


Our achievements

 The department first at university has organized:

— The international seminars for masters’ students;

— The international Winter school for students of medical and not medical schools of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan;

— The international Summer school for young scientists of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan;

— International scientific and practical conference of young scientists;

— Scientific training for master students and PhD doctoral candidates at the leading foreign universities;

—Had let out PhD of doctors (all have gained diplomas Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

  • The staff of department is chairmen of 2 educational committees in a “Public health” and “Nursing”;
  • The chairof department, Turdaliyeva BotagozSaitovna, the doctor of medical sciences, the academician of APM RK, is the scientific secretary of Dissertation council in «Public health»;
  • Department as a part of School of public health named after Kh.Dosmukhamedov, which is a member of the international Association Schools of public health (ASPHER);
  • The staff of department is awarded by diplomas of the Ministry of Health Care RK, the Ministry of Education and Sciences of RK, Asfendiyarov KazNMU.

Faculty of the department «Policy and Health Care Management»

Name Position Academicdegree, academicstatus
1 Turdaliyeva BotagozSaitovna Departmentchair MD. associate professor
2 AimbetovaGulsharaErgazyevna assoc.professor PhD  
3 AltynbekovaUmitzhanAsylbekovna assoc.professor PhD  
4 KoshimbekovMuratKoshimbekovich assoc.professor MD. associate professor
5 KashafutdinovaGulzhakhanTemirbulatovna senior  lecturer PhD  
6 BaisugurovaVeneraYurevna senior  lecturer PhD  
7 IvanchenkoNellyaNikolayevna lecturer PhD  
8 RamazanovaManshukAnerovna senior  lecturer    
9 Karibayeva IndiraKazbekovna lecturer PhD  
10 IzekenovaAygulsumKulyntayevna lecturer PhD  
11 SagyndykovaZarinaRavilyevna lecturer MPH  
12 IgisenovaAlfiyaImangaliyevna lecturer MPH  
13 MendaliyevNurbolAskhatovich lecturer MPH  
14 UrazayevaUlpanAmangeldiyevna lecturer    
15 PavlovaAnastasiaPetrovna lecturer MSN  
16 AdenovaAraylymDaniyarovna lecturer MSN  
17 SonDinaraAsanovna lecturer MPH  
18 MartykenovaDanaSerikbayevna lecturer MSN  
19 DzhumagaziyevaOryngulDzhenisbekovna lecturer MBA  
20 YusupovaNargizaSaydakhmetovna lecturer MSN  
21 TeNadezhdaViktorovna lecturer MSN  
22 MeirmanovaZhansayaMeyramovna lecturer MPH  
23 EsenovaAselIsagulovna lecturer MPH  
24 KassiyevaBalzhanSerikbayevna lecturer MSN  
25 KaidaulovMukhtarKenzhebekovich lecturer MSN