«Precautionary sanitary inspection of municipal objects condition and environment»

On May 14th on faculty of municipal hygiene and hygiene of children and teenagers with students of 12 group 3 rates of public health services faculty at presence of teachers of faculty the open interactive lesson with use means of training have been lead by senior lecturer Bekkazinova D.B. Students have accepted active participation in discussion of the lesson theme «Precautionary sanitary inspection of municipal objects condition and environment». They prepared and presented business games, the decision of crossword puzzles, presentations, quizzes, etc. All five competences have been captured and estimated during the lesson, demanded for effective training according to credit technology. Interactive lessons have conclusive advantages according to traditional because it allows students to realize the creative abilities. Besides such lessons are more various and interesting to students who act as active participants of the educational process. All employees of faculty actively participate in the organization and carrying out of interactive forms of training.