Respect to the great hero Bauyrzhan Momyshuly

Danger in 1941 by the West took the life of young people with great hopes for life. The number of friends with whom walked through the mist together, less and less. But  we will never forget their heroes, who they gave their lives in World war II for us.

This year we are going to celebrate the 70 th anniversary of the Great Victory. Due  to mark this significant anniversary, a look at the heroism of our ancestors,  i went to my native land, in Memorial Museum named after  B.Momyshuly ,which located in Zhambyl region.

The entrance to my village i saw a monument to the hero B.Momyshuly. In the courtyard of the memorial- museum named after B.Momyshuly put a monument dedicated to the 100 th anniversary of the hero. I made a  respect in front of the monument, to the spirit of the hero always supported me.