The International Scientific — Practical Conference “Actual problems of Public Health and an introduction of innovative health-care technologies”, marking the 70th anniversary of the Faculty of Public Health /within University Days -2013/

 At December The 4thInternational Scientific — Practical conference » Actual problems of Public Health and the Introduction of Innovative Health- Prevention technologies ,» dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Public HealthFaculty» of  KNMU named by SD.Asfendiyarov was held in the auditorium named by IK.Karakulov of KazNMU. The conference was managed under the «University Days -2013 «. Foreign and domestic scientists as ac.TSh.Sharmanov, prof. VV.Vlasov (The First MGMU named by II.Sechenov, Russia), ShU.Zhandosov, PhD (Director SPCofSM, Kazakhstan) prof.MS.Brodi (EA and AUW, USA) prof.LA.McNutt (IHE, University at Albany, USA), prof.A.Tolumbek (KIM, Canada), prof.TS. Meymanaliev (Advisor of EuroWHO), prof. AI. Sattarov, prof. MA.Kamaliev, prof.UI.Kenesariev, prof. YA.Sinyavsky,prof.KK.Toguzbaeva, prof.BS.Turdalieva, prof.BA.Nemenko, DMs. BT.Zhakipbaeva,prof.SA.Amireev, prof.TK.Bekbosynov, SM.Zikiyarova,PhD; teachers , undergraduates and students ofKazNMU.

Welcoming remarks were made by ac. TS.Sharmanov, ShU.Jandosov
Dean of the Public Health Faculty, prof. AI. Sattarov reported about the history of Public Healthfaculty, challenges and prospects.
Speakers made presentations: ac. TSh.Sharmanov «Healthy Food — a basis of nation’s health», prof.MS.Brodi «Nanotechnology and the Environment» , prof.LA.MacNutt » Prevention activities from outbreaks of infections in hospitals: experience in USA”, prof.VV.Vlasov «The limits of competence of the Health Care system: the importance of social harmony”, prof. A. Tolumbek «Distance Education: Features and Prospects of a development in medical schools», prof.TS.Meymanaliev»Public Health in the light of the new policy EuroWHO»,prof.YA.Sinyavsky «Functional foods in the prevention of non-communicable and infectious diseases «.
It was held poster session by professor-teachers stuff, graduates of epidemiology, community hygiene, hygiene and environmental, nutrition departments, health’s law, legal framework in public health and health’s economics modules.
There were question – answers and discussion.