The Public Health Faculty

The Public Health Faculty


The Acting Dean of Public Health faculty TS.Begadilova, PhD


Deputy Dean of Healh faculty Mukasheva Maral Sakenovna


Dean of students Dabarov Abzal


Faculty Secretary Muratbekkyzy Symbat

The sanitary-hygienic faculty was established in the Kazakh State Medical Institute (KazSMI) according to the PК of the USSR N234 (14th May1943). It was reorganized to Public Health faculty. There are specialties are forming direction of  specialists’ training of Public Health, Medical-prophylactic, Management faculties, and ten departments and four modules. The departments are the Public Health department (the head is MD, prof.MA.Kamaliev), the Department of Nutrition Science (the head is Ph.D.,, the Department of Municipal Hygiene and Hygiene of Children and Adolescents(the head is DMs, prof. TK.Bekbosinov),  the Department of microbiology, virology and immunology (the head is DMs, prof.BA.Ramazanova), the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology (the head is MD, prof. UI.Kenesariev), the Department of Health Policy and Management (the head is MD, prof.BS.Turdalieva), the Department of International Health (the head is MD, prof.KK.Kurakbaev), the Department of Management and Marketing in Healthcare and Pharmacy (the head is Ph.D. in economics), Basics of life safety’s module (the Head is MD, PhD. SM.Zikriyarova), the Informatics’ module (the head is Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. JJ.Azhibekova), the Economics in Healthcare and Pharmacy (the head is  Ph.D. in economics, Assoc.Prof. GA. Sadyrov), the Health Law and Basic Legislation in Public Health (the head is D.J.S., Assoc.Prof. GB. Ispaeva.

The Faculty’s work is conducted according to the orders and statements of MES RK and MOH RK, the rule of faculties’ activity and its plan.  Every year a specialty «Public Health», «Medical-prophylactic” on all directions of education wins the first place among all medical high schools in a national ranking of universities of Kazakhstan.

This year:  they have won the first place in a national ranking of medical universities and educational program in 2015 (NKAE) and the same on bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate specialties in Public Health and Pharmacy in national ranking of medical universities in 2015 (IAAR) .

There are 20 MD included 1 academician, 46 Ph.D. and 16 masters at Public Health Faculty. The Public Health Faculty’s staff is marked by high level of skills and competencies. A proportion of teachers with scientific degree and titles are more than 62%. There are the famous scientists, qualified specialties, who know news in education and science in a field of Public Health. They are TSh.Sharmanov, the world famous scientist, academician of RAMS, NAS, the president of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition; prof.AA.Aldashev, prof.AL.Kotova, prof.KU.Urumbayeva, prof.K.Kudaybergenuli, prof.SA.Amireev, prof.KK.Togusbayeva, AMS’corr.member and prof.BA.Nemenko, prof.Bekbosinov, prof.BA.Ramazanova, prof., exc.of Public Health UI.Kenesariev, prof.KK. Kurakbayev, prof.MA.Kamaliev and prof.BS.Turdaliyeva. The faculty’s staff isawarded titles of “Excellent of Public Health” and “Excellent of Education”, medals of I.Altynsarin, KazNMU; the MOH, the MES and KazNMU honorary certificates; Gold medal of   Kazakhstan Universities’ association and honorable mentions.

The Department of Occupational Health was recognized as the best theoretical department and prof.SA.Amireev is “the Best Professor” by results of 2014 year and the celebration of the Healthcare Professional’s Day.

Veterans, professors NN.Popov, IK.Karakulov, AP.Chokin, KR.Amrin, P.M.Kudiarov, VA.Smirnov, FA.Daulbayev, DL.Koritny, VA.Schurin, AA.Schortanbayev and AA.Tabayevahad contributed to the development of Science and Education.

About 450 students are studying at the Faculty now, included 47 «Altynbelgi»owners, 8 International Academic competetionwinners.  This academic year 21 from 138 alumni are being pretendedto diploma with honors.

Annually about 70% faculty’s students receive scholarship for academic and social activities. So, the alumnus of MPF, A.Nurlan and the alumnus of PHF M.Kopgasarova received the Head of KazNMU scholarship; the senior of MPF P.Azizhanov received “The prof.K.Amrin’s scholarship”.

It implementeda student exchange programin cooperation between KazNMU and Foreign partner universities. The number of students are involved it inside and outside academy mobility is grow. The number of students was going to abroad   in 2012-2015 was 88 and the number was coming – 29.  14 seniors’ students visited the High school of management in Spain. It is clear that academy mobility is extremely important for personal and professional development process that is, with each passing day is becoming increasingly urgent.

It is being realized the program “Visiting Professor”.  They were professors and experts from Russia (Perm GMA,  MSMU named IM.Sechenov and Tumen GMA), Kyrgyzstan, Canada (the University of Ottawa), Japan (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), the Ukraine (NMA of postgraduate education), Check Republic (the Karlow University), China (Taipei Medical University), the Lithuania University of health sciences, Italy (University Milan), USA (the Emory University).

The employers of Healthcare were included to the examination boards for alumni.  It is organized educational and internship practice for students on specialty”Baccalaureate of Public Health» and “Baccalaureateof Medical-prophylactic» faculties.

It were awarded  contracts for an internship with the RSME «Scientific and Practical Center of sanitary-epidemiological examination and monitoring » , RSI  «Department of Consumer Protection » of Almaty  city  and  «Consumers Protection Agency» Medeu District Consumers Protection Agency, Almaty city Department of  Consumers Protection and  the Committee on  Consumers Protection  of MNE of RK.

Educational activity of Faculty students aims to develop socially active, educated, moral and physical health of them in modern conditions.Students participate in various city and republican cultural and sports events, scientific and political conferences, TV program as «Toybastar», «Kөkpar», «Tіltіregі» and KVN. They have prize-winning places. Students under supervision of curatorswork for charitable causes — the seniors visit orphanages, where they play with orphans, give the presents. As the volunteers the students help veterans, orphans and elders.

It was organized the scientific society “Eldos”, that is social association of students is making a participation in the Scientific and Research activities. Many Faculty students are dynamic, have high level of knowledge, prize-winning and give diploma for active participation on the International, inter-universities conferences, exhibitionsand competitions. The students publish about 20 articles andabstracts annually, are participating in scientific projects.

It established the Faculty’s Students’ Government and Deanery within a development of student’s self-management whichworks on behalf of students. The team of student dean’s is friendly, avid and time-tested, as it takes the post more than a year. It does a lot of interesting student’s projects. All educational directions are in progress. The students are ready to put the new ideas.