The stock «Healthy Food is a Modern Lifestyle»

The action was organized and held by specialists of NCHN  in Almaty and the Department  of Nurtrition  of  KAZNMU  which is named after  Asfendiyarov. For holding an action doctors and students of KAZNMU were called.

The stock «Healthy Food is a Modern Lifestyle» began with the speech of veteran of the sport, the honored worker Isakhanov Omar Zheguetbecovich and the imam of the Tursibsky region.  Within this campaign was carried out different works on promotion of healthy food and prevention of nurtritional diseases with various groups of the population.  Competitions and quizes were organized and held to promote the formation of skills and healthy nutrition among children of school age, students and seniors.

         On «A health platform» certain types of medical services on a free basis were presented to determine the level of blood pressure, pulse, also gave consultations and recommendations of the dietitian, the cardiologist and the endocrinologist. Various lectures and conversations on safety issues of food were organized by specialists of the National center of Healthy food. At the fair took place tasting for the fermented milk product «Koumiss» and also juice from a local area Abylaykhan.

         In an entertaining zone was also presented a flash mob organized by students  of KazNMU which is named after  Asfendiyarov,  in it participated  in it  about  40 people, also 45 children from «The center of leisure» — Zhalyn, Bayterek, the Mechtatel, Kyran, the Orlenok  «The state fund of development of youth policy of