Three-lingual training on chair of public health care

In implementation of the program of three-lingual training on chair of public health care the teacher of chair Zhakupova M. N. gave on September 4, 2013 lecture in russian to students of 1 course of the medico-preventive faculty, being trained in a state language on medicine stories, on a subject: «Medicine history as science. Sources of studying of history of medicine. Doctoring in primitive society». To students the general regularities of world-wide and historical process of formation and doctoring and medicine development since the most ancient times to the present were opened; achievements of each new era in the field of medicine as parts of spiritual culture of mankind are reflected, interaction and unity of national factors in formation of medical science in various regions of the globe that promoted assimilation by students of basic provisions of medical ethics and development of an outlook of future doctors, dialectic understanding of physiological processes, logic is shown. On all subsequent questions of students the teacher gave irrefragable answers in a state language.

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