History of the department

Department of Nutrition with occupational health course was created on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health of RK on October 27, 1993 and by the decision of the Academic Council of KazNMU on November 16, 1993. Eventually, Department of Nutrition was founded on September 1, 1994.
Department of Nutrition was established in 1994 to train students of medical, pediatric, medical-preventive faculty on subjects such as “Healthy food” and “Food hygiene”, as well as to establish competent specialists in the field of nutrition.
Department team is actively involved in all areas of nutrition such as fundamental and applied biomedical researches in nutrition and prevention of common forms of food insufficiency; in the development of sanitary norms and standards to ensure quality and food safety; to improve the promotion of healthy nutrition by preparing doctors and specialists in Food Hygiene and Nutrition, advice in implementation and guidance to rationalize the nutrition of different population groups.
By the decision of the Academic Council of KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov the Department of “Food” has been renamed (protocol № 5 from 26.01.2010) on September 1, 2010 to the Department of “Nutrition.”
In connection with the addition of the course “Hygiene and occupational medicine with the course of communal hygiene” by order No. 496 of 12.09.2017. “On assigning the departments of the University to the deans and educational departments”, the department was renamed to “Nutritionology with a course of occupational hygiene and medicine, communal hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents”, in the subsequent Decision of the University Council of December 26, 2017, the name of the united department was changed to “Nutritionology with course of preventive medicine”. Currently, the department is called “Nutrition”.
The mission
Teach students of all faculties of the principles of healthy nutrition and basic medical supplies. Increase public education in nutrition with the future doctors and students. Together with the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, take an active part in determining the most significant public health nutrition problems. We offer the optimal solutions with appropriate administrative structures involved in developing action plan to rationalize nutrition and prevention of alimentary-dependent diseases in Kazakhstan.

The Vision
The main function of department of “Nutrition” is directed to the future where every graduate of KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov favors to help health by achieving a balanced diet.
To achieve this mission the Department of “Nutrition” must comply with the following principles and orientation:

  • Consolidate the students’ knowledge of methodological fundamentals of food hygiene and diet therapy for various diseases.
  • Participate in decision of national nutritional problems, with a focus on vulnerable groups.
  • Work with people of all convictions, races and nationalities.
  • Base its activity on the recognition and realization of human rights in relation to food and nutrition.

The organizer and initiator of the opening of the department is a world-famous scientist – academician of RAMS, NAS RK, president of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition – T.Sh. Sharmanov. The department “Nutriciology” of the Kazakh National Medical University was the first and only department organized in the history of medical universities of the former Soviet Union and the CIS. The purpose of creating the department of nutrition in all medical universities was the highly qualified teaching of the basics of nutrition, hygienic nutrition problems, nutrition, modern nutrition problems and breastfeeding to future general practitioners, hygienists, epidemiologists and public health specialists.

In 1994, from the day of the opening of the department, the first organizer of the educational process was the associate professor of the department, Ph.D. Akhmetov M.A.

From 1995 to 1999, the first professor of the department was Z.K. Konakbaeva. During this period, MD, prof. Saulebekova MS, Ph.D., Assoc. Mendygalieva KM. The first assistant who taught the course of food hygiene was Li M.V., in the course of infant nutrition – Imakova G.U. From 2005 to 2013, the head of the department worked as a candidate of medical sciences. Associate Professor Buzhikeeva AB

From the moment of opening the department until 2000, also in 2004-2010, the department was headed by SharmanovT.Sh., Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and RAMS, President of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, and in 2000-2001 the department was headed by Dr. Bekbosynov T, Professor .K., In 2001, the head was appointed professor BalgimbekovSh.A., who worked in this position until 2003. Later, in 2010-2013, the Department of Nutriciology was headed by Honored Scientist, State Prize Laureate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Aldashev A.A. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the Vice-President of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Professor SinyavskyYu.A. Since September 1, 2014, Kaynarbaeva MS has been appointed the head of the department.

Profiling discipline “Nutrition” for students of School of Public Health taught in this Department. In accordance with SMSE 3.08.388 RC-2006 at the Department of nutrition students are trained in specialties: 051102 – “Public Health”, 051,301 – “General Medicine”, 051 101 – “Nursing” etc. From 2010 on the discipline of “Nutrition” in the department has started preparing residents for the following specialties: oncology, urology, obstetrics-gynecology, psychiatry, allergy and clinical immunology, kardiо-rheumatology, surgery, pediatrics, phthisiology, dermatovenereology, sport medicine, infectious diseases. The main discipline course of the Department is a part of the School of Public Health.

Due to the fact that at the department students are trained in Kazakh, Russian and English, from the first days the department was recruited by competitive selection of scientists who know both Kazakh and Russian perfectly, and successfully coping with this task successfully work qualified personnel: head of the department Kaynarbaeva M.S., associate professors: Chuenbekova A.B., KhasenovaG.Kh., Berdygaliev A.B., Bykybaeva S.A., UshanskayaE.Yu., Beisbekova A.K., Alliyarova S.T., senior teacher Kozhakhmetova A.N., teachers – Kaldybai A.U., Nurzhanova K.S., Ergeshbaeva R., Serzhanova G.N.. In connection with the expansion of staff units in the direction of the clinical direction, the department’s potential has been replenished by worthy teacher: Assistant Professors A. Salhanova.

Following the general long-term objectives for science and improve the quality of medical education, KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov and the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition in 2010 formed the Innovation and Education Consortium, in which the parties have joined the intellectual, human, logistical and other resources and pledged to work together to improve the quality of medical education through the integration of education, science and practice.

Educational base is at the Department of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, headed by academician T.Sh. Sharmanov. The department is equipped with modern computer equipment and training necessary technical means, teaching aids sufficient for the effective conduct of the educational process.

Biography of honorable Head of the Department Toregeldy S. Sharmanov


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, President of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, President of the Academy of Preventive Medicine, Kazakh Children’s Nutrition Foundation, member of the WHO Expert Committee on Nutrition, State Prize Laureate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the independent award Platinum Tarlan in the Science and WHO Leon Bernard Foundation nomination for outstanding contribution to the development of world health. One of the organizers of the Historical International Alma-Ata Conference of the WHO and UNICEF on primary health care (1978), the declaration of which is recognized as the “Great Charter of World Healthcare of the 20th Century”.
Toregeldy Sharmanov was born on October 19, 1930 in village of Ulytau of Karaganda Province (nowadays Zheskazgan Province). After graduating from the Karaganda State Medical University in 1955 and postgraduate studies in 1958, he worked as the chief doctor of the Central District Hospital of Ulytau district of Karaganda Province. He headed the Department of Nutritional Hygiene in 1962-1968 at the National Research Institute (RI) of Province Pathology under Kazakhstan Ministry of Health. From 1968 to 1971 – the Rector of the Aktobe Medical University and the Chair of the Department of Pharmacology.
From 1971 to 1982 – the Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan.
From 1973 to 1984, Toregeldy Sharmanov at the same time was the director of Kazakh Branch of the Institute of Nutrition of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, created under his initiative.
Since 1988 he was the Director of the Institute of Regional Problems and now he is the Director of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition. The Academy is the center for complex surveys in the sphere of hygiene, biochemistry, immunology, physiology of nutrition, as well as dietary prevention and dietary therapy in the Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
He is the head of international research projects on elimination of iron-deficiency anemia, iodine deficiency, breast-feeding support, medical demographic studies, and the national policy of nutrition, executed through technical and financial support of UNICEF, WHO, UNDP, USAID, “Macro International, Inc.”, “Wellstart”, and others.
He was the chief editor of journal “The Issues of Nutrition” (1985-1988) and was the chair of the Nutrition Department at the Continuous Education Courses of Qualifications of Medical Doctors Institute in Moscow and since May 1995 he has been the President of the Academy of Preventive Medicine of Kazakhstan. Since 1979 he was the chief editor of journal “Health and Diseases”.
The unique Center of Child Nutrition that has no analogues on the CIS territory was established under his initiative; new products of child nutrition and some medical-preventive food products were introduced in the healthcare practice.
Under the initiative of Sharmanov, and due to his efforts in 1979 the Institute of Nutrition became the first CollaboratingCenter on Nutrition in the world. Today, it cooperates with the WHO, and since 1997– with the UN University.
Under his supervision more than 40 theses for doctor’s degree and 135 theses for candidate’s degree in medicine were defended. Toregeldy Sharmanov is the author of more than 460 publications, 38 monographs, and 40 inventions. Three times he was elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In 2001 Sharmanov became the laureate of the State Honor of Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of science and technology for a line of works of several authors: “Development of Fundamental Applied Aspects of Nutrition Science in the Republic” (for the period from 1974 to 2000). Since 2001 he is the Honored Fellow of Republic of Kazakhstan.
In 2003 he became the laureate of the nationally acclaimed honor “Tarlan” of highest degree – platinum – for his contribution to science.
Family: son Almaz – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, President of the Academy of Preventive Medicine; daughter-in-law Dana – gynecologist; three grandchildren – Alua, Torekhan, Askar.
Major achievements – a member of the WHO expert committee on nutrition, one of the organizers of the Alma-Ata conference of WHO and UNICEF on primary health care (Almaty, 1978).


Head of Department of Nutrition Kaynarbaeva Maygul Seydullaevna


Kaynarbaeva Maigul Seydullaevna graduated in 1996 from the Kazakh State Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarova specialty “Hygiene, Epidemiology” and was qualified as “hygienist- epidemiologist.”

In 2008-2010, in the KazNMU received a second degree in “Health Management” with the qualification “Bachelor of Health Management.”

Research and teaching activities at the Department of Nutrition started in 1996 in the position of trainee-teacher (1996-1998), later continued as a teacher (2000-2005), senior lecturer and director of department (2005-2011). In 2010 she defended her thesis on “Hygienic evaluation of the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency among children under 5 years in ecologically unfavorable regions of RK”. Since 2011 is an associate professor.

On September 1, 2014 appointed as Head of the Department of Nutrition.

During this period Kaynarbaeva M.S. took an active part in the implementation of international and national research on the study of nutrition and the prevention of nutrition-related diseases.

In 2010-2012 she managed and actively participated in the implementation of the scientific project of the Ministry of Health of the RK “Services for conducting an information and propaganda company on healthy nutrition” within the framework of the State Health Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Salamatty Kazakhstan” for 2011-2015 in the field of “Implementation multi-level communication activities on healthy nutrition and food safety in all regions of the country. Monitoring of their effectiveness and justification of differentiated recommendations on optimization “.

Participated in the following scientific projects:

– 2010-2011 – Scientific project of KazNMU: “Development of anti-aging model (program) for ensuring active longevity of elderly people in Kazakhstan” (2011-2013), in the section “Development of a comprehensive program for the prevention of osteoporosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan”;

– 2012-2014 the program “Targeted development of university science focused on innovative results” for the project: “Comprehensive prevention of the epidemic of overweight and obesity in Kazakhstan” with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– 2015 – Intra-University project “Advanced monitoring of domestic and imported food products, the content of trans-isomers of fatty acids and their impact on the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in Kazakhstan.”

– 2016 – as part of the implementation of the state social order on the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan to raise the awareness of the elderly in matters of healthy nutrition and healthy behavior;

– 2016 – “Grant financing of scientific research”, priority: “Life Sciences” on the topic “Studying the effect of obesity on the cognitive abilities of school-age children, developing a comprehensive program to reduce the prevalence of obesity among school-age children”.

2017 – within the framework of the state social order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Formation of healthy nutrition skills through active information and educational work on healthy and rational nutrition among children”.

Also she is actively involved in social work of KazNMU.


  1. Scientific Secretary of Hygiene sanitary faculty- 2003-2005;
  2. Head of capacity development at KazNMU – 2008
  3. Deputy Director of the Department of Human Resource Development – 2009
  4. Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council KazNMU – 2009- 2010
  5. The Executive Director of the “Center of healthy nutrition” with the PA “Academy of Preventive Medicine” -2011 year
  6. The Executive Director of the NCHN “National Center of healthy nutrition” -2012 year.

Kaynarbaeva M.S. to enhance their expertise took courses on “Basics of Leadership” (2008), “Service personnel management in a crisis. New challenges and technology work “(2008),” Food Safety and WTO Accession “(2012),”Dietology and food safety” – 216 hours, KazMUNO (22015 year), “Nutriciology and dietology in the practice of a family doctor” 216 hours, Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship, Moscow (2018) etc.

Kaynarbaeva MS is the author / co-author of more than 50 scientific publications and 10 educational manuals.

In 2016 Kaynarbaeva M.S. was awarded a breastplate “Excellent Health”Ministry of Health and Social Security of RK. Also diploma of the Akimat of Almaly region for its contribution to health and active participation in social and public life of the city of Almaty region.