Educational-methodical work

Epidemiology is a basic discipline for the specialty “Public health”, students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of GM, pediatric, pharmaceutical faculties, pharmaceutical production technology are studying, interns of the 6th year of the School of Dentistry study the discipline “Evidence-based medicine and biostatistics”. The training is conducted according to the credit-modular system. At the master’s level, educational programs “Epidemiology”, “Applied Epidemiology” are implemented together with specialists from the CDC, undergraduates of the specialties “Biomedicine”, “Preventive Medicine”, “PH” are trained. The teaching staff of the department carry out the scientific supervision of doctoral students, undergraduates and students of the 4th course “PH”. The adaptation of the educational program “SUNY” at the level of master’s degree and students of the School “PH” is underway, classes are conducted in English.