Educational and methodical work

The department conducts training on 1, 2 courses on discipline “Physical education” on the specialty: general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, technology of pharmaceutical production, public health, nursing and pediatrics.
The faculty of the department actively uses interactive teaching methods in practical classes.
Monitoring is conducted on the state of health of students of KazNMU. S.D. Asfendiyarov.
The course “Fundamentals of Life Safety” makes its modest contribution to the formation of future highly skilled medical personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main task of the training is to prepare graduates of KazNMU for practical fulfillment of their functional duties to provide medical assistance to the affected population in emergency situations of civil and military time.
Particular attention is paid to the formation of the thinking of a doctor working in emergency situations. The course OBZH teaches the discipline “Fundamentals of Life Safety” to students of the 1-2 year in all faculties and specialties.
Course staff regularly participate in methodical meetings, conferences, congresses, etc. on the educational process, as well as undergoing advanced training in seminars and trainings on educational topics.